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Experience Relief

Dana is an excellent massage therapist. I have been seeing Dana for over two years and I appreciate the care that she gives me each time I come for a massage. Not only does she give a great massage, but she has a lot of knowledge in her field. She is always giving me tips on stretching and health. I feel so much better after a massage with Dana. She goes above and beyond to get to know and to help her clients.


Dana is excellent! I have worked at a desk in front of a typewriter or computer for 38+ years and of course it has taken a toll on my neck and upper back. Dana has restored my flexibility in my shoulders and is working on getting those shoulders pushed back instead of folding forward. Why live your day-to-day life in discomfort? Dana can help you. Give her a try. Dana is the best. I will not stop seeing Dana monthly. I highly recommend Dana at Suite Relief Massage in Urban Suites.


"I had an amazing experience with my massage here. She was very attentive to all of my issues that I wanted to be taking care of especially the tension and knots in my neck and shoulders. She was very well-informed and very professional. Her business also has a beautiful relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely go again!"


“Dana is a very good massage therapist. She shows an extreme focus in improving my condition and creating relaxation. I'm grateful to have access to such a knowledgeable body work specialist.”


"Dana is very pleasant, professional and provides a very relaxing experience. Went in with some mid-back pain, and she focused heavily on that area to help limber up the area. The surroundings provided an ideal opportunity to relax, I almost fell asleep. I'd certainly go see Dana again, and I've been telling my friends."


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