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Suite Relief Massage


Please respect these policies as well as it's owner. These policies are put in place to protect Suite Relief Massage and it's clients. Dana is prepared to refuse or terminate service at any time if these policies are violated.


New clients who book appointments via this website are required to confirm their appointment by phone or email before that time. If there is not both a valid email and/or phone number associated with that appointment, it will be canceled and Dana is not required to provide service for that time.


It is the client's responsibility to be aware of and remember their appointment times regardless of reminders and notifications. Cancellation policies are no exceptions and will be enforced regardless of circumstance.  

25% service fee is charged for clients who cancel anytime the day before their appointment. 

50% service fee is charged for clients who cancel the day of their appointment. 

75% service fee is charged for clients who no call/no show.  

Cancellation fees must be paid before another appointment is made.  Failure to pay cancellation fees will result in a denial of services.   Clients who are habitually late or cancel often may be denied services. 

All cancellations must be made via text or phone call (voicemail accepted).  Emailed cancellations are not accepted.  Clients will receive a cancellation email when your appointment is deleted.  Clients must be sure to receive some form of confirmation that their appointment has been canceled before their appointment time. 


Clients are expected to be on the massage table and ready for their service at the time of their appointment to get their full service. This requires clients to arrive 5-10 minutes early for their appointments. Clients who arrive 10 minutes late or more are required to reschedule their appointment and, therefore, deemed as a cancellation (see cancellation policy).  Some clients who have longer sessions may be offered a shorter session time but will still be responsible for their original appointment price.  


Under no circumstances will sexual remarks, comments, or suggestions be tolerated. Advances are subject to legal action. Any other misconduct will result in immediate termination of the service and client will be responsible for payment of full service. Dana has the right to refuse or terminate service at any time if she feels uncomfortable or unsafe.


Only one discount per session is accepted. No exceptions. I do not give discounts on gift certificates. I do not negotiate pricing or service times.


Referral cards are excepted from new clients only. The client must have the card present to receive the discount. No other discounts or promotional offers are valid with the use of this card. If the client fails to use this card on their first visit to Suite Relief Massage, that discount is forfeited.

Thank you for your respect and understanding. Have a question I haven’t answered? Contact me.