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Dana Daniels, Licensed Massage Therapist


In 2012, I graduated from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage Therapy in Madison, Wisconsin. The curriculum I received at Blue Sky exceeds the state minimum educational requirements by 360 hours. My study there was focused on medical and therapeutic massage. My rigorous school curriculum included clinical hours, seminars, professional field placement, and field work at community service and sporting events. Since graduation, I have completed 24 hours of continuing education biennially.  In 2015, I was awarded my Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, which upholds the highest standards for massage practitioners. 

I believe massage is an essential part of every body's well-being. Massage research is growing and no longer viewed as a luxury; but rather, it is an invaluable tool to help the body heal itself. I have worked with a variety of clients including stroke victims, paraplegics, and cancer patients. I often see clients with chronic issues ranging from tendonitis and arthritis to chronic pain and headache conditions. You'd be amazed at the results.

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