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Massage Therapy Services

Each session is customized to the individual.  You are not obligated to stay within one modality  if certain areas of your body need different pressures.  Before each session, we will discuss how you are feeling, what issues you have and what may need more attention.  Please communicate what you like/need!


Enhance your massage session

Reflexology Therapy

+15 Minutes 

Specific pressure points on the feet correlating to organs and areas of the body are concentrated on. Reflexology is an ancient practice believed to help relieve tension and stress via stimulating the nervous system.  Time is added onto a session.


Herbal Oils

Infused Into Massage Session

Visit the CBD Information page to learn all about the amazing benefits of CBD.  Infused massages include an oral sample of a flavored CBD tincture and full spectrum CBD massage oil is used throughout.  



Integrated Into Massage Session, Time Varies

Draws inflammation out from deep tissue to be released. Increases local blood supply to the muscles and skin. Brings nourishment and allows for toxins to be carried away via the lymph.  Negative Pressure.  Releases fascial adhesions.

Included in price of Deep Tissue

or $5 upgrade

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